Copper Mouth Training Snaffle Bit

Copper Mouth Training Snaffle Bit

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Stainless steel 6 1/2inch cheeks. 5inch copper mouth....

Western Bits Made By Jacks Imports. Stainless steel Copper Mouth Training Snaffle Bit is a basic schooling/training bit with 5" jointed copper mouth and 7" Copper Mouth Training Bit The 5" mouth of this bit is perfect for training because it will keep your horse's mouth ready to respond to you. The broken mouthpiece design will put pressure on your horse's lips, and as you move the reigns, his mouth will stay soft and impressionable. : Coronet Copper Mouth Training Snaffle Horse Bit, 5-Inch : Western Snaffle Bit : Sports & Outdoors Western SS Copper Snaffle Tom Thumb Bit . My mare hates all snaffle bits! I rode her in a hackamore for a few months, but when I was given this bit to try, I will never use another bit! western horse store with mecates, bosals, hackamores, saddles, belts, bridles, head stalls, saddle blankets, belts and more


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